Golden Visa | Who can apply

Who is Golden Visa for?

Golden Visa applies to third country nationals who have entered the country legally with any type of visa or are legally resident in the country, even if their residence permit does not permit a change of purpose. Beneficiaries are:

  • Third country nationals who own, privately or through a legal entity, provided that they own wholly owned shares or corporate shares, prefecture and possession, real estate in Greece, of minimum amount of 250.000 euros.
  • Citizens of third countries who have entered into a lease term of at least 10 years for hotel accommodation or tourist furnished houses in complex tourist accommodation of article 8 par. 2 of law 4002/2011, provided that the minimum rent is 250.000 euros.
  • Third country nationals who either reside legally, with a residence permit, in Greece or wish to enter and reside in the country and who have full ownership and possession of real estate in Greece, which they purchased before the entry into force of 4146 / 2013, if the price they had paid at the time of purchase amounted to 250.000 euros or the current fair value of their real estate amounts to this amount.
  • Third country nationals who have full ownership of real estate in Greece, with minimum amount of 250.000 euros and obtained property by donation or parental benefit. The right of residence, in this case, is exercised only by the recipient or the recipient of the parental benefit.
  • Third country nationals who buy a plot of land or/and build a building, if the sum of the value of the purchase contract and the building contract is at least 250.000 euros.
  • Third country nationals who have entered into a 10-year time-sharing lease, based on the provisions of Law 1652/1986. A timeshare contract is considered to be the obligation of the lessor to grant annually to the lessee, during the contract, the use of tourist accommodation and to provide him with relevant services for a period of time specified by the contract and the lessee to pay the rent agreed.
  • Members of the families of the above third country nationals.